Energy Building Modeling and Certification Software


ECO-Engine is an easy-to-use 3D building designer, which enables the fast and accurate energy calculations of the CO2 emissions of the building based on the SBEMcy calculation engine. It is developed based on the latest technologies and it provides visual feedback of the construction elements and room areas without any limit on the amount of data used. With ECO-engine the energy efficiency calculations of a building is fast and with accuracy. You can import dwg/dxf drawing files and easily draw the building geometry. Each of the drawings can be elevated in the building floors or aligned to a view to draw openings and surfaces. A custom build database is available allowing the user to load common building constructions, HVAC, HWS, SES systems etc. into the design, while drawing the geometry, and thus minimize the time needed to model and produce the energy calculation certificate of the building. The user can add data to the database from similar types of buildings and make quick changes to compare different scenarios in the projects. All the calculations performed are based on the standards used in Cyprus and this makes it the most reliable commercial tool for the energy efficiency calculations and certification of the buildings in Cyprus. ECO-engine has been approved by the Energy Service of the Ministry of Energy of Cyprus

[Approval document]